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This wiki is mostly about learning and teaching English.

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Topic What is it about?
Basic Sentences This page talks about how to write a basic English sentence.
Grammar This page talks about English grammar.
Word Classes This page talks about word classes like nouns, verbs.
Advanced This category contains a collection of advanced topics for learning English.
Teaching General teaching related articles.
Teaching Theory Articles related to the theory of teaching language.
Teaching Activities A useful arsonal of activities for use in the classroom.

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Eric McLachlan is a high school English teacher, currently living in Mie Prefecture, Japan.

As for hobbies, he does what most boys do, play video games (Playstation 4, of course).

Unlike most boys though, he enjoys studying, particularly about language. Would you believe; he even enjoys grammar! It's a good thing his studies occupy so much of his time. Imagine the diabolical things his idle mind would do otherwise.

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